Loaded Lux & Kid Capri - Get Ya Tapes Ready

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Lionz Den 3 DVD

Lionz Den

It’s been years since the last Best Yet seen Hip-Hop DVD, The Lionz Den has been released. Well the wait will soon be over…. Loaded Lux has done it again and this time Bigger & Badder than before. The Lionz Den, originally brought to you by Harlem’s own Lyrical Battle Master, Loaded Lux in collaboration with Sub Z-ro was a project that quickly took the streets by storm by going from “Straight to DVD” to “Straight to the DVD Players” of those who respect the game of true talent in the Hip-Hop Community. The Lionz Den is a raw, uncut, straight (no chaser) view into how real rappers express their craft and passion for what they been through, what they’re going through, and where they are heading in a unique venue in the streets now known as “The Lionz Den”. The success of The Lionz Den was phenomenal and deemed it one of the highest sold underground Hip-Hop DVD’s in 2009.

Get ready for one of the most anticipated DVD new edition in the streets!! The Lionz Den Returns for its 3rd Edition. Battle rap sensation and founder of the "Lionz Den" Loaded Lux has now hooked up with one of Hip-Hop’s Icons and Master of the “One’s & Two’s” DJ Kid Capri to take the show to new heights. Kid, who first seen the show on the internet says “I became a fan instantly” and at first wanted to collaborate with Lux to make a mixtape with the all-star line-up from the Lionz Den. After meeting and exploring all opportunities to bring this project to the next level, they both decided to come together to expand the show along with the battle rap movement as a whole. It was agreed that there was a need to bring the “Underground” phenomenal of battle rapping “Above Ground” and up front and center in the face of main stream media. This DVD is the first step in that direction and it promises not to disappoint those who are eagerly awaiting its return and those who have never been exposed to this form of lyrical expression.

The Lionz Den Volume III All Star line-up includes Hip-Hop greats such as, Big Daddy Kane, KRS 1, and Rakim. Not only does this edition include the legends of Hip-Hop but it has the current & future great rappers such as, RedMan, Raekwon, Styles P, Murda Mook, Serius Jones, T-Rex, Goodz, Tech 9, Tay Rock, Kaboom, Head Ice, Cortez and featuring DJ Kid Capri and DJ Premier.